Lurdeia, charming rural house

This land you are walking welcomes you. This house greets you warmly. Its inhabitants hope you will have a calm, pleasant stay.

I am a welcoming home in keeping with the tradition that our predecessors followed, year after year, in the Basque Country. The sea and the moon bear witness to this. When the sun does not show itself and shines with little force, it will be my fire that keeps you warm.

And if you are fortunate, you will be blessed by the rain.

This house is kept by

Agapi the etxekoandre; Manolo the etxekojaun. Our age and experience place us at the head of the household, as a link of memory and tradition.

Iosu, Rober, Alberto, Iñaki y Tomás make up our group of children and friends. We are here to offer you our service.

We would also like to introduce a community that shares this house with all of us, Zuri the dog, Maite, Naiara and Biotza the little dogs, Aitor the pig, Baztan the cat, the hens and so on.

The house

  • Lurdeia, the house that will be your hostel and shelter.
  • The dolmen, as a portico of time, opens up to the past and to eternity.
  • The lake, where the rain settles becomes a mirror of water that duplicates the landscape and the sky.
  • The greenhouses, which offer a protective microclimate to these snippets of vegetable garden.
  • The hen houses, the home to a lively, friendly community.