Organic Farming

In Lurkoi Baserria and Lur-Deia we produce vegetables, fruit, etc, in an ecologically sustainable way. The Fruit and Vegetables are high-quality, in their taste, smell, colour and their excellent nutritious value. Our poultry: hens, ducks, geese, turkeys, etc, are mainly fed on corn, wheat, vegetables, etc, all of wich is organic, and they roam the land freely.

Organic farming aims to create production systems that are based on respecting the environment, using organic fertiliser to maintain the productivity of the land, creating and making the most of ecosystems that have predators (allies) that regulate plagues, always treating nature as a living being that needs to be cosseted. It also requires the Suns energy and knowledge about the Moons cycles to obtain more profitable, better quality production. Organic farming tends to understand the baserri as a unique ecosystem in which men and women completely integrate providing technical features, symbolic covering and meaning.

Organic farmers have a mystical harmony with nature, forming a community in which people, animals and plants can live together.

In the baserri they all share the spaces and the environment, in such a way that they create a micro cosmos

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