– History

An inner compass led us, walking all over the Basque Country, in search of a magical spot, today named Lurkoi.

Years ago our love for nature led us to search, to embark on an adventure in a place in which to pursue our life plan. After years of effort, doubts and contradictions this place – incredible! – now has a name, Lurkoi (attached to the earth). Just saying it is the beginning, for those who visit and those who live here, of a journey to develop the positive potential of the human being.

The friends, travellers and others creatures who came to visit us over the years, seeing and feeling its beauty, led us to set up a hostelry to share the glory of this special place, where life speaks to those who want to listen. This was the origin of Lurdeia (called by the Earth), ark of silence: whoever visits here, whoever greets the dawn beneath its tiles, learns the eternal language of communication with the Goddess Mother Earth.

Lurdeia before and after

The sculpture

Lurdeia has a sculpture which was donated by our dear friend Nestor Basterretxea. This sculpture is also called “Lurdeia”, and the artist shows a cosmic vision which represents our father, the sun; our mother, the earth; our grandmother, the moon; our sister, the rain; animal life represented by the human face and the gaps and holes which represents our brother, air..

Escultura en la neive

Music dedicated to Lurdeia – Lurkoi

Lurdeia and Lurkoi have their own melodies written by our dear musician and composer friends, Kepa Junkera and Juan Karlos Irizar.

Kepa Junkera

hiriDisk Hiri, “Lurkoi-Busturian”

juan karlos irizar

ametsesHe has dedicated several disks to us : Itsasotik mendira, “Lurdeia”– Ametsen Artean, “Lurkoi Baserria, Busturian”– Suhar, “Lurkoi Liluragarria”

Nooks and crannies in Lurdeia